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Your Wish is Your Command


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Your Wish is Your Command

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Your Wish is Your Command 13 CD set

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Cheat Sheet

I've condensed each CD down to just 2 pages of bullet points for quick assimilation.

  • Review each CD in minutes or...
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 "I Want to Manifest My Desires" 
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Napoleon Hill & Earl Nightingale Audios

Rare Napoleon Hill Lectures

Over 12 hours of live lectures that Hill conducted in 1954. Because these lectures were recorded 30+ years after the publication of Think and Grow Rich and the Keys to Success books, they contain information that is not found in those books.

Listen as Napoleon Hill explains how he forced his subconscious mind
to deliver the title for the book Think and Grow Rich.

The Best of Earl Nightingale Audio Collection

I've listened to dozens of hours of Earl Nightingale's audio recordings to find you his most inspirational material:

  • As a Man Thinketh...
  • 20 Minutes That Could Change Your Life
  • Claim Your Success
  • Imagination, Improvement, and Actualization

This is Earl Nightingale at his best!

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Invitation to Join the Global Information Network

Global Information NetworkKevin Trudeau and several of his ultra-rich colleagues are revealing their success secrets to members of this "private club" online and in live training seminars throughout the world.

Membership in this exclusive organization is by invitation only.

Kevin Trudeau and Christopher Loch

(The first time I met Kevin Trudeau)

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Your Wish is Your Command is Changing Lives!

Here are just a few of the emails that customers have recently sent me:


For 30 years I have been a yoga teacher and spiritual seeker, nutritionist, TV and radio personality, and published author. I have studied many healing systems and come from a long line of healers and spiritualists. I have done many seminars on business and even run my own businesses.

So you can imagine my skepticism when I started listening to the CDs Your Wish is Your Command.

I didn't hear anything new. However, there was something in the last few CDs that was almost magical. It wasn't the actual words; it is almost as if something was imbedded into the words that brought the results:

  • I found the car I was looking for for weeks.
  • I got a contract to write another book.
  • I was offered a great new place to live.
  • I found a partner to work with me on the food I have developed that will cure malnutrition and we are planning on sending it to Africa and India.

This is just what I needed to propel me into a new level of prosperity and success.

Thank you so much!

Kathleen O.
San Diego, CA


I want to thank you once again. Your Wish is Your Command is worth every penny and more, I cannot say anything bad about them.  They are priceless.  It is like holding gold in my hands.  That is how much I feel that this information is worth. 

This is the best education on the law of attraction that I have ever encountered.  You just start to understand The Law of Attraction so much better and I can see why I have not been successful with The Law of Attraction in the past. Thank you so much for your recent support. God Bless!

Daniel B.
New Bedford, MA

$5,000 Out of Nowhere

"After listening to the CDs we were wishing for $1000 that we needed for a special purchase. Just days later a letter from the IRS arrived in the mail saying they had overcharged us on our taxes. Enclosed was a check for over $5000! Some people say this is just a coincidence... but we know better!"

Followup 1 week later...

"We've since received another check from the IRS for over $4,000!"

Marcos and Janet O.
Nuevo, CA

 "I'm Finally Ready to Change!"

Are You Ready to Have, Be or Do Anything You Want?

Your Wish is Your Command


with every purchase of
Your Wish is Your Command

  1. Free Shipping!
  2. Instant Download: Discs 1-14
  3. Cheat Sheet
  4. Email & Phone Support
  5. Global Information Network invite
 Your Wish is Your Command: $197 


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